Discover our Innovative solutions for Beverage Production


Boost the efficiency of your processes


Improve The Quality of Your Beverage Products



Boost the quality. Excel at efficiency.

We are bringing state of the art knowledge in the field of beverage process and product engineering to the producers throughout the beverage industry. We provide the latest know-how that enables the producers to transform their production processes, products, services and business models. We are also applying out latest research achievement and knowledge into development of our proprietary breakthrough technologies, bringing an added value to the producers.


Radically improve the taste, nutrition, aromas and functionalities of your products. Develop innovative, healthy and safer products.
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Head towards greener and more efficient production processes. Reduce the use of chemicals and its impact on the environment,
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Radically disrupt your manufacturing processes by introducing more productive and advanced processing technologies
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Workshops And Trainings

We introduce the producers to state of the art knowledge and best practices in process and product engineering, in a form of dedicated workshops.

The workshops include demonstration on how the innovative methods and techniques can be implemented in order to improve the quality of processes and products. 

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We educate. We improve. We transform.

We use our know how to transform the production processes in order to head towards greener and more efficient production. 

We improve the products' quality, by introducing novel approaches to enhance the nutrition, aromas, safety and other functionalities of the beverage products.

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We innovate. We get the challenges of tomorrow.

As we are dedicated to radically improve and transform the current technologies and processes in the beverage industry, we are developing our own breakthrough solutions and technologies.

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Meet our dedicated team.

We are a dedicated interdisciplinary team of experts, with a broad spectrum of expertise, with various academic, research and business backgrounds. Our management team consists of:

  • prof. dr. Marin Berovič, chairman
  • Uroš Pečaver, managing director
  • doc. dr. Sašo Gyergyek, head of R&D
  • Milan Vitas, head of business operations
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