Research & Development

We innovate. We get the challenges of tomorrow.

We are dedicated to transform and radically improve current practices and processes in the beverage industry by developing proprietary breakthrough technologies.

R&D Equipment and Activities

Our R&D facilities are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We have access to fully equipped laboratory, personnel and state of the art technical equipment.

Our R&D efforts are currently distributed among the following strategic technology fields:

  • R&D in technologies for improvement of the quality of the food and beverage products
  • R&D in disruptive technologies for cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
  • R&D in development of innovative, healthier and safer products

Have a look at a few of our recent R&D projects


Magnetized malolactic bacteria

Malolactic fermentation is a widely used process, which not only converts malic acid to lactic acid, but also directly impacts the wine quality. 

Cost efficient separation of malolactic bacteria after the fermentation remains one of the key challenges of wine industry. InoVine is developing a novel technology for magnetic separation of malolactic bacteria which will significantly reduce the separation costs.
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MagYeast: Magnetized Yeast for production of high quality sparkling wine

MagYeast is our innovative technology for magnetic separation of yeast from sparkling wine in just 30 minutes. It enables radical improvements of production flexibility, production volume and significant cost, storage and energy savings.

MagYeast represents the first solution for flexible and cost-efficient production of high quality sparkling wines, which enables the producers to ship their products within the same day as ordered.
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