About Us

A glance at who we are.

We are an engineering and consulting company, specialized in processing technologies for the wine and beverage industry. Our aim is to provide beverage manufacturers with innovative and high added value products and services, which enable them to improve their products' quality, tastes and safety, as well as transforming their manufacturing processes towards more cost efficient, sustainable and greener production.
Our core scientific and technical expertise lies in the areas of process engineering and advanced material synthesis, accompanied by long lasting experience, know-how and elaborated network of contacts within the beverage industry.


Marin Berovič is the head of development and inventor of the MagYeast solution. Through his 40 years of scientific experience, he is recognized as one of the leading
World experts in biochemical engineering, also Chairing European Society of Biochemical Engineering Sciences. His core areas of expertise are process engineering, submerged technology, bioreactor design and process operations,
bioprocess instrumentation control, bioprocess rheology, scale-up of industrial processes in and in submerged bioprocess technology. As a international wine expert, he has combined his oenology expertise and scientific background with a specific focus in wine process engineering. He is a co-inventor of 12 patented innovations in biotechnology and wine industry (some his patents is listed below).
Uroš Pečaver, co-founder and manager of the company. He is an experienced manager with more than 10 years of experience in logistics, operations managment and legal affairs. He has vast leadership and organisational experience. He was the manager of purchasing sector at one of the largest public organisations in the country - Javni Holding Ljubljana d.o.o. and all of its associated companies with more than 3000 employees, spanning through broad spectrum of public services, such as energy, public lighting, water supply, public transport, cleaning, etc (Energetika Ljubljana d.o.o., Javno podjetje Vodovod-Kanalizacija d.o.o., Snaga Javno podjetje d.o.o., Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o., Žale d.o.o. in Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice d.o.o).
Sašo Gyergyek, cofounder and head of R&D, is an experienced scientist in the field of materials sinthesis. He is also part time researcher at Faculty of chemistry, University of Maribor and a research fellow at the Department of materials synthesis at Institute Jozef Stefan in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has vast expertize and knowledge in advance material sinthesis, development and synthesis of magnetic and coloid materials. Besides academic work he assisted in development of industrial processes for several Slovenian companies.
Milan Vitas, cofounder and head of business development, is an experienced entrepreneur and expert in wine technology as well as a certified sommeiler. He has a formal education from the agronomy field, with specialisation in viticulture. For 15 years (1987-2002) he was the head technologist in Slovenijavino winery. His past experience include head of the raw materials production department in Ilirija Vedrog, head of the Slovenian wine archive and sales, event organization and consulting as a sole entrepreneur. As a professional wine technologist, he is specialised in consultancy in winery and vineyard start-ups and expansions, still and sparkling wine production and general winery issues.